Hello! I'm Kaidi

Leadership Trainer,

Coach and Mentor

I  support individuals and teams in organisations to maximise their performance throughout their careers from trainee managers to senior leaders.

 Welcome to Leaders With Nails Ltd. 


Hello! I'm Kaidi

Leadership Development. Coaching. Mentoring.

There are three very different disciplines, but all with one common goal: to develop your people.

We support you to maximise the performance of individuals from trainee managers to senior leaders.

Welcome to Leaders With Nails. 



As companies realise the importance of having diversity in staffing, business leaders and decision-makers are increasingly women. 
I help women succeed in their new roles by helping them be authentic. Exploring together:
→ How they can make an impact in their role?
→ Strategies on how to balance their personal life and professional world.
→ How to get more confidence and become established as a feminine leader using "Playing Big" personal development exercises and tools. 

Available as a group or individual


This is for leaders who have lost their mojo. Hard workers who have put their careers first to provide for their families ahead of everything!  Change happens and now they are facing divorce or an empty nest, and they are left with everything that motivated them gone. The long game is a three-month program of coaching designed to help leaders regain their purpose and direction, focusing on their future goals.

We help leaders get unstuck and design a life where they feel ready to thrive again.

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Our certification program supports coaches as they progress through the CTI coaching certification process. If that's you, we promise to provide you with invaluable help to help grow your coaching skills, develop a coaching culture where you work or get set up as an external coach. We share all our resources to re-brand as your own to set yourself up as a coach. We also role model the Co-Active cornerstones of coaching in various scenarios to help embed your learning and provide mentoring support when requested. 


38-Page workbook free

Build your audience and credibility with this easy-to-implement comprehensive e-book "From LinkedIn Nobody to LinkedIn Legend!"



Whatever your role, you need to have confidence. Confidence matters, whether it is to boost your social media presence or create a fantastic first impression. This program delivers. With Video training, guides and workbooks, you will learn: 

  • To master your elevator pitch, get set up and master LinkedIn.
  • Tame fear, quieten your inner critic and learn to embrace feedback
  • Learn tools which will change your life.
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A must for every team's well-being right now.

Money is not a taboo subject. It's something that everyone deals with differently. Financial Wellbeing is here to help you understand your money mindset and budget. Help you  find ways to save and make money, protect yourself and your family, insuring what matters, borrow wisely and explore what you want in your future by answering some challenging questions and exploring your options—then creating new habits to achieve financial freedom.



This course is a practical guide to understanding money, learning new money habits, making wise financial decisions and planning for a stable and prosperous future for your business.
Learning how to manage your money is a real game-changer, and it's never too late to start. This course gives you practical, easy-to-implement strategies for planning your finances that will give you the courage and confidence to build wealth and growth in your business.
This course is built around the idea that learning about money is not like learning any other subject. Around money, minds are closed, and it's tough to learn from your own experience.
We share ways of building good financial habits for you and your business, monitoring expenditures and ensuring you budget effectively.
We explore tax-efficient savings, speculating to accumulate wealth and planning for retirement.

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Neil Lewis

NHS Wales Director of People & OD

I started coaching with Kaidi last year, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
The Long Road Program has been a great return on our investment, providing in the moment support where needed, identifying blind spots and just bouncing ideas around to gain new headspace.
Kaidi has excellent empathy and extensive professional knowledge enabling me to gain powerful insights regardless of the coaching topic. 

During our coaching together, I have stepped up to a new role as Director of People and OD in Public Health Wales, and Kaidi's support has been invaluable.
Kaidi is flexible and generous with her time. She uses various tools from NLP, coaching and mentoring, which means I'm getting the support I need, and she keeps me accountable.
Kaidi's style brings clarity, balance and challenge. 

 Zoe Harris

Divisional Director Royal Devon University Healthcare

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained multiple models and theories to underpin my leadership practice.

I am a Director in the NHS, and I have received external coaching with Kaidi, and it offered me time to reflect on my leadership style - gaining greater insight into what it must be like to be on the receiving end of me. I was also able, with Kaidi's support, to further develop my coaching skills to play to my team's strengths and help them be the best leaders they could be.

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained multiple models and theories to underpin my leadership practice. Having tools that I could use in my senior leadership role was invaluable.

I went through a recruitment process whilst receiving Kaidi's coaching, and her support with my preparation and presentation skills were hugely beneficial. I got the promotion.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kaidi to anyone wanting to understand better their values, priorities and impact as a leader.

"The Long Road"   Signature Coaching and development program for leaders  

The program includes personal development tools to help you take brave steps in your career. Give you the confidence to reach higher than you would go alone. Everyone has a CEO inside them. Join us to discover yours.

 The Long Road is (12 month program)

The One to One Coaching Program provides participants with:

  • A Career Development Plan - future-focused & intentional about your career
  • A Circle 360 Assessment  and feedback
  • Access to 12 months of our growing Inspired Leadership library, providing on-demand training on 12 topics and building all the time.
  •  A course to create a CV to get your next promotion

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