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Hey there! I'm Kaidi

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Hello, and welcome to my coaching and training world. This exciting online world is where I get results for people like YOU. You're here because you're looking to enhance your career, work with a leadership mentor or a mindset coach, or get an accountability partner who you can trust.

Someone who will help you get those crucial results to help you smash through the glass ceiling.



You have a new role, it's a challenging time, and maybe you are suffering from imposter syndrome, lacking confidence, or you have just started your coaching business and need help. 

This is my coaching niche, which I trained to be a playing big facilitator for, to be able to help clients just like you.  

I will coach or mentor you to help you see those blind spots and guide you in the right direction to become an outstanding coach.

If you want an accountability partner to help you keep on track in your own business, I am the right coach for you.

I also specialise in coaching leaders who want to advance their careers, helping them get promotions, recover from redundancy, and find a career with their name on it! 

Leaders can gain giant leaps in the job market by utilising my extensive career coaching experience whilst also helping you advance your I'meer in your existing day job. 



I am Kaidi, Online Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Career Coach, and Playing Big Facilitator. 

I'm not a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none. I’m a master of coaching and personal development leadership for women with over twenty years of experience in the corporate world as an award-winning bank manager, sales coach, and trainer.

Before joining the bank, I had a varied Management career, starting as a Hotel Manager and Publican for seven years, then transitioning into Wedding event management and Insurance Underwriting. I was a sales trainer and a call centre manager.

In 2018, my role was redundant, a fortuitous turn of events as I was ready to set up my own successful coaching business, "Synergise Coaching and Training".

Going through the turmoil of losing my role (which felt like my identity at the time) inspired me to learn how to help clients facing redundancy stay motivated and thrive.

I developed workshops for resilience, the job market, CV, Linkedin and interview practice which I share with my clients in the career series courses (I also offer these in my coaching).

My unique business experience, psychological insight, mindset coaching skills, and intuition means I have all the crucial factors covered.

The support I deliver is tried, tested and delivers results.



Nick-named the torch, my purpose is to shine the light on my client's expertise to overcome their fears and achieve their potential.

My mission is to help more women smash the glass ceiling and achieve their ultimate career goals. So I have created a leadership series of courses specifically for women.


Integrity. This runs through all I do and is my guide for all decisions I make and how I show up in the world. It means having hard conversations, being direct and holding up the mirror for clients when needed. 

Innovation:  I am here to support you through change, to help you take your ideas and make them happen. You are visionary. I help you turn your ideas into action. 

Connection: Family, friends, and clients are the most important drivers in my life and align with my purpose.



Niamh's Review 

"I first went looking for Life Coaching as I felt an imbalance in my life and couldn't see the wood for the trees. I was running on adrenaline and couldn't find any rationale.

Coaching from Kaidi has changed my life. I now have the tools to cope with difficult situations, recognise triggers, and equip myself to deal with them before they spiral out of control. Tools that will work for me for life.

Kaidi challenged me when I needed it and supported me when I struggled, always helping me get where I needed to be. 

I have always been confident, but now I feel empowered and capable. I have pushed myself to achieve goals I would have shied away from before and have rebuilt relationships I thought were long dead. 

Kaidi has a knack for knowing what can't you need when you need it, even "f you can't articulate it yourself - magically's       

Niamh O L  - Fashion Director 

Emily's Review

I had sessions with Kaidi roughly once a month for a year, and I can honestly say they were transformative. I started because I had a significant professional development opportunity (a PhD place). However, my lack of confidence was preventing me from progressing. The skills I learned from coaching changed my relationship with my thought processes, enabling me to identify negative self-talk better and limiting beliefs, then develop healthier mental habits. The impact has been striking. I now take on more ambitious challenges, have better ways to cope with them, and learn from failure. I have also developed much more of an indeI'veent voice. The cherry on the cake is that I've started saying yes to opportunities I previously would never have considered. Without Kaidi's support and skills, I would not have made this kind of personal progress, and my research would be much less impactful. Thank you, and I can't recommend Kaidi's coaching enough.

EJ PhD Graduate

Joanne's review

Kaidi has helped me think strategically and put in place one step at a time to achieve goals that may have remained simply as dreams without her help. Her training, tools, life wisdom and positive energy have been invaluable, 


David Garwood's Review

I wasn't sure how helpful this would be for me, but I have to say it made a massive difference.
Even in a difficult situation, having to carry out all sessions remotely due to lockdown, each session was full of helpful information and given in a very accessible and empowering way.
Thanks for your help.
Amenities And Projects Officer
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