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Become the Success Story

Hey friend, Kaidi here.

I want to congratulate you on starting your coaching business.
I don't know where you are in your coaching business journey, but I know that you're facing some challenges; otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

If you stop thinking about that for a second, you have already come a long way, which is terrific. Most people sit on the sidelines and let their plans and goals turn into nothing but unfulfilled dreams. But you decided to take action and do something about it! So you are just the person I want to work with. 

Today I want to keep you going on that path by sharing my secret ingredient for getting unstuck in your business. 

Here's the reality. Even though you have all this fantastic coaching knowledge, running a business is different.

It is often that feeling of being alone, doing it all yourself, carrying both the good and the bad - that ultimately leads business owners to throw in the towel, either temporarily or permanently. 

Having a business mentor can help, so come and join my new Facebook group - you will find the link in the FREE course. 

It was no different for me, Yes, my business moved forward, and I hit my revenue goals every year - but I didn't know the information I share in these videos, which would have made life easier. 

Even though I knew the basics of running your own business, the coaching world brings unique challenges. 

I knew that starting a coaching business wasn't always a straight path - but I felt like I needed more support and to have someone in my corner to make me believe I could move forward no matter what. 

So why do we get stuck in our businesses?

I believe that it's not because of a lack of material. It's not because of a lack of clarity or direction. It's just that when you're doing this alone, insecurities can start to creep in and result in a lack of motivation and drive. And all of a sudden, you feel stuck and don't know what to do.

So I created these videos to help you get unstuck and hopefully create a group of like-minded coaches, to support each other. 

Dive into this free support

Chemistry Sessions 

Managing Your Fears 

Befriending your Inner Critic 

And a bonus video 

See you on the inside